The Somerville Flea Market will operate every Sunday from June, 2017 through October, 2017, including holidays. Market hours are 10AM – 4PM rain or shine

The Somerville Flea is a curated or juried market. All applicants are required to submit an application and 5 photos of their wares for review. Online applicants will be notified within 10 days. You may apply as either a RESERVED vendor or a STAND-BY vendor. Please review market policies before applying.  Click HERE to apply for the 2017 season.


•The cost is for a 10’×15’ reserved(150 sq. ft.)spot is $60 per market . You are making a commitment to participate on at least four (4) reserved date(s) and will be responsible for payment  in advance of those dates. Carefully review the payment, cancellation and date change policies before applying.

•Reserved status is the only way to guarantee a confirmed spot at The  Flea.

•If accepted, you will receive an electronic invoice. Payment is due no later than 10 days prior to each reserved market.

•Failure to pay on time will result in a $25 late fee. with your choice a free market date.

•You may reserve as many additional dates as you like during the season as long as spots are still available.

IMPORTANT: by choosing reserved status, you are making a commitment to The Somerville Flea and are responsible for timely payment of your reserved dates whether you attend or not. You are automatically put into the system for those dates and will be billed. If you are not prepared to make this commitment, please apply as a Stand-by vendor.

Reserved Vendor:
10’ x 15’ – $60, paid at least 5 days in advance

Stand-By Vendor:
10’ x 15’ – $85 – paid day of event (cash or check)

Two vendors may share a space and split booth fee of $80, however both parties must submit individual applications. Shared space is applicable only to 10’ x 15’ spots. Let us know on the application that you are sharing. Both business names, websites, facebook pages are required.  However, we will issue only one invoice for the full amount.  Make sure to give us the name or business to be invoiced.

Season Passes are available for the 2017 season. As a Season Pass holder you receive a savings and do not need to reserve ahead of time. Just show up and be guaranteed a spot at the market! Season Pass holders get the best spots at The Somerville Flea!

2017 Somerville Flea Season Pass  -  $1200
The Somerville Flea Season Pass includes all 22 Markets. A $240 savings!

If you wish to apply for a Season pass, let us know in the comments field of the application.

Upon acceptance you will be sent an electronic invoice payment page. 

Pay-As-You-Go Reservations:
Payments are due 5 days prior to each reserved market. Late payments will incur a $25 late fee.

Prepaid Reservations:
You may wish to pay in full and in advance for all your reserved dates. To do so, please click on the ‘pay invoice online’ button on your electronic invoice.

Check Payments:
You may pay by check if you prefer. Checks must be received in our office by market due dates. Please include your, business name and dates in the memo area of the check.

Make check payable to The Somerville Flea and send to:

Greg Ghazil c/o

The Somerville Flea

1851 Mass Ave.

Cambridge, MA 02139

All payments are due 5 days prior to reserved market dates. If you miss the deadline you will incur a $25.00 late fee.

The Somerville Flea is a rain or shine market. Booth fees are non-refundable. You are responsible for payment of your reserved dates, whether you attend or not. No credits or make-up dates will be granted for cancellations received in the 10 days prior to the market or for no-shows. 

Pay-As-You-Go Cancellation Policy:
Once you have reserved a number of market dates, you may cancel one of your remaining dates as long as you give us 10 days advance notice. All additional date cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of up to 50% of your invoice balance. Exceptions to the cancellation policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only in the event of a personal or family emergency. You may be required to submit official proof of the emergency.

Paid Market Cancellation Policy:
No refunds will be given for cancellation of paid reservations, however a credit toward future market dates will be issued for cancellation of paid dates received in writing via email or letter at least 10 days in advance. Exceptions to the cancellation policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only in the event of a personal or family emergency.


In order to switch a date we need at least 10 days e-mailed notice. Vendors are permitted free date changes  Date changes are subject to availability. Please email

Additional dates may be added by going to our website and click on the “sell” page.

The Somerville Flea is a rain or shine market. By choosing to participate in a rain or shine market, vendors assume all risks associated with adverse weather conditions. No refunds, credits or make-up dates will be given to vendors who choose not to attend a market for weather related reasons.

Market cancellations are considered only in the very rare event of an official severe weather warning. Market cancellations are at the sole discretion of the managers of The Somerville Flea. No refunds, credits or make-up dates will be granted in the event of a market cancellation due to weather or if the market closes early due to severe weather.


•Our Market staff will assist in assigning spaces to vendors as they arrive at the market.

•Booth set-up is not permitted before 7:30AM on market day and vendors must be ready for operation by 10:00AM.

•Booths must be staffed during operating hours, 10:00AM-4:00PM. Breakdown of your booth before 4:00PM is not permitted, unless permission is first obtained by the market manager. Operations of the market should not be disrupted, nor the safety and convenience of shoppers or vendors be jeopardized.

•Vendors are required to have tents as we are a rain or shine event. Please arrange for a tent.

  1. Weights for tents are mandatory at each of our markets. At least 30lbs per tent leg. For instructions on how to make your own and purchase, Check out these sites



•The Vendors are responsible for keeping their space attractive during market hours and for cleaning up their space after the market closes, including removal of garbage and sweeping up any loose debris.  This is a city lot.  Leave it clean.

•The Somerville Flea reserves the right to refuse or terminate any vendor who does not comply with the above guidelines.

Tax ID Numbers are REQUIRED in Massachusetts. All Exhibitors must be in compliance with State & Federal Tax Laws and display Tax ID Certificate in booth. This is required for both in state and out of state vendors. If you do not have a tax id certificate, you can obtain one online in a few minutes at no cost. Click HERE to register with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Full Policies Here: 2017 TSF Vendor Policies.docx

The Somerville Flea and all of it’s managers and employees reserve the right to remove, sanction and terminate any vendor whom displays, sells, behaves in a way that is deemed detrimental or inappropriate to the market.  Such behavior will be based on the opinion of the The Somerville Flea managers and/or it’s employees.   The Somerville Flea will not be liable for refunds and/or expenses incurred if sanctioned for any of the above reasons.  The Somerville Flea managers and employees reserve the right to remove, any vendor who misrepresents himself or his products. As a juried/curated market, the promoter reserves the right not to select vendors who may not be appropriate for the market.

Vendor Policies
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