The Somerville Flea   is an open-air market bringing together vendors, artists and musicians and connecting them with Somerville and surrounding communities.  The majority of our vendors deal in vintage and antique wares that have been reclaimed restored and repurposed.  We also invite artists that celebrate traditional means of production.  In addition, you will find a farmer’s stand, neat snacks and some of the top musicians in the area playing live.  We operate every Sunday rain or shine from June through October.  The City of Somerville has entrusted us with one of their parking lots in the much-desired Davis Square area.  We have returned the favor by creating a unique shopping experience that you don't find in many places any more. We believe that there is something to be said for buying an item directly from someone then look them in the eye, shake their hand and part with a smile.  Try that at a box store!  Ultimately, we envision the Flea as a place for people to connect, interact and slow time down, if only for just a little while.  

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