Armory Vendor Info

Load-in time 8:00am

You best bet is to find a space in front of the building or right across the street, in order to unload.  We will reserve the spots in front of the armory.  Vendors will be allowed in the building at 8am and not earlier.  If you are a vendor that has a lot of items, requiring a few trips in and out, please show up at 8am.  If you are a vendor who is sharing a spot with another or has very light items, that set up quickly please show up closer to nine.  

The Armory has one or two carts that they have lent us in the past.  Please bring your own cart, dollies or other methods of loading.  It'll make your life much easier. 






The Center for Arts at the Armory is conveniently located at 191 Highland AvenueA between Davis and Union Squares in Somerville, Massachusetts.



Set Up

Set up is from the time you have all of your items loaded in the building to market open, 10am.  Do not begin setup before parking your car.  If you are in a loading spot, please move your car to the back lot or somewhere down the street.  We suggest the parking lot.  Do not block the fire lane that connects the parking lot with the street.  You will not be allowed, to unload there, as it is a fire hazard.  



Your space will be shown to you upon arrival.  The vendor arrangement has been figured out already, as some vendors have requested certain areas.  If you'd like to switch up a spot with another vendor then, you'll have to ask them.  The booth size will adhere to a defined 12' x 10'ish space due to a limited floor space (unlike our huge, outdoor parking lot).   Spaces may not be those dimension but will be at least 120ish sq ft.  For example, your space might be a trapezoid or a triangle, but probably not a sphere.

To optimize your space and layout within your booth, please think about displaying some of your wares vertically but safely.


Loading out

The market closes at 4pm.  Feel free to start packing up at 3:45, but no earlier.  No loading out earlier than 4:00pm.  We will not be letting any customers in past 4:15 for safety reasons.  You may sell after 4 but only until 4:15, while packing.  Please pack up completely before loading out.



Please consider having a generous "bank" for your cash transactions.  And we always recommend using a mobile service like Square (for your smartphone/tablet) so you can accept credit and debit cards.  The Armory has good cell phone data coverage as well wi-fi service, but as everyone knows these things can vary in their quality and consistency.  (wifi password: breakfast)

Also, don't forget packaging material (fragile stuff) and bags.  ATMs are not readily accessible in the area.  Nearest is in a convenience store at the corner of Highland Ave. and Central St.



The Armory has chairs for us to use.  They have some tables as well.  First come first serve.  Bring your own, if ya got em.



The Armory is a vast, high ceiling space.  The lighting can be hit or miss, both levels.  We will have a number of extension cords for you to use to obtain electricity.  Please bring lighting if you are on the Mezzanine as that is definitely a hit or miss area.  



The Cafe is open at 10ish for those of you who need some more caffeine and a tasty snack or sandwich.  Coffee will be brewed by the Armory as soon as possible. (They're cool, we love them!)



We will be playing classic and modern vinyl and feature live music from some of the areas best musicians.  



We've posted posters, contacted newspapers, websites, used twitter, emails and facebook to promote these show.  The word will be out!  Feel free to tell your friends of your participation in The Somerville Flea.  

Please do via Social Media, word of mouth, or on your website. 

As they say, "the more, the merrier". 

Keep an eye out for a Facebook event page to invite your Facebook friends and share the event on your Facebook business page.  Inviting your friends, above everything works the best to get the word out.


Last Thing

Let's have a blast!